TT Architecture is not only a class act but they understand your needs and lifestyle

“We bought a block of land which had very different development requirements than most other residential land developments in the ACT. The development conditions required the engagement of an architect given the small block and complexity of the development.

We required an architect who was experienced, innovative and had an exemplary record of achievement. Our review identified TT Architects as meeting our needs and style. This was confirmed at our first meeting with Tony and his team – they got to know us, our lifestyle and what was important to us in building what we regarded as our dream home.  They identified to us ‘what was possible’ which included design features we had not thought of – clean, high quality design and energy efficient features. TT Architecture developed in the early stages concept drawings which developed into detailed drawings for us, for the builder and which met all the approval processes – processes they managed effectively for us.

TT Architecture also provided advice on options for high quality builders and interior designers who we could work with.  Over time, it became a very close partnership between us, Tony and team and Matt Hall (our builder) and Karin McNamara (our interior designer). As a result, we have our dream home and every day we think how wonderful it is and we don’t want to be anywhere else.  We reflect on the process and how important the partnership was – TT helped problem solve along the way and Tony and team visited the site regularly and worked well with Matt ensuring we had a team which delivered a quality home within our budget.  We are very grateful, given the building experiences we have heard from others.  TT Architecture is not only a class act but they understand your needs and lifestyle – thanks you so much Tony and team, Beauchamp.”

Glenys and Gary Beauchamp