The Architectural Journey

Initial Consultation

A meeting to talk about our services, your project, timelines & budget

Preliminary Costings

We have built a process based on experience which will help reconcile your brief and budget

Develop your detailed brief

This is when we join your aspirations and our experience of design

Site Review & Background work

We’ll join you on your site to further analyse your blocks opportunities and constraints, following this we engage consultants and review the specific planning regulations of your block

Preliminary sketches

Our architectural team will work on concept designs to help realise your aspirations 

Design Development

This is our opportunity to work with you and refine the design to suit your needs

Feasibility check

This is a critical process in your project, it enables us to provide real market cost advice about the design and inclusions 

Development & Building Approval

Development (DA) and Building Approval (BA) is a legal step that allows you to undertake your development

Building sustainability

The energy rating of your project works to provide a longterm financial saving for you. All of our projects exceed a 6-star rating


To assist us deliver your project, we will engage consultants as required. This may include structural engineers, landscape architects or an arborist

Interior Design

Our in house interior designer will work with you to refine the design of your rooms

Detailed design

This is when we work through the individuality of the project – the devil is in the detail


We will work with you to determine the appropriate building contract to suit your project

Contract administration

This is a unique opportunity for us to act as your agent during the construction process and to maintain design integrity. We will also review the builders progress claims, variations and program