Q: I have just bought an expensive Fluffy block, am thinking of building a new home and have been getting wildly differing advice on the cost of building housesTT: Just a quick dip into the internet by anyone shows a range of figures from less than $1000/m2 to over $4,000/ m2 which are bewildering to anyone, particularly if they haven't built before.

A slightly odd vice of mine is an appreciation of the joy of acronyms. Some might consider this an annoying affectation but I prefer the tag of charming foible. Four years ago in a quixotic flurry of self-righteous indignation aimed at the lumbering leviathan that is our planning system I instigated a national competition to address to dearth of housing choices available

Q: So Tony here we are once more, with you talking to yourself again. TT: Indeed, I feel like a bit of a loser, I couldn't get either of my two of my regular readers or even my mum to agree to be interviewed. The design community are clearly a bit shy. Q: So what are the Trobe twins going to be banging on

This column piece is based on a book produced by Tim Reeves and Alan Roberts titled 100 Canberra Houses (a Century of Capital Architecture)   TT: The House seems an excessively plain little cottage. What is significant about it? AR: The early Canberra Administration provided very basic accommodation for single construction workers but did nothing to help those who came with family. Robertson House is