Wylly Place House - new kitchen in renovated area - the income flooring.

Creating a home just right for us

This was a relatively small-scale project to renovate and reduce our humble ex-govie home in Hughes. 

The object of the exercise was to refresh and renew; to increase sustainability credentials, overall aesthetic appeal and  relationship to our garden. The backyard had previously been dominated by an ugly and temporary (for 25 years!) garage and carport structure which were demolished. A new sculpturally-interesting carport was designed for the front of the house freeing up space to permit the new key landscape design at the back to evolve.

To better use the footprint and adjust living spaces to suit two people, rather than the 6 that once ran amok. This house has become the perfect example of what you can do with a block to ensure one can ‘age in place’.

Structural gymnastics

Given the main outdoor areas were to the north a comprehensive opening up of the wall on that façade became a driver for other aspects of the scheme. This involved some significant structural gymnastics in propping up the existing truss roof structure as a minimalistic approach was sought to the glazed wall. The design sought to minimise the visual clutter of mullions and transoms in the glazing suite and also to raise the window heads to allow the wall to read as effectively one large picture window.


Award-winning, custom kitchen

The new custom-designed kitchen was relocated to where an original TV and study space existed and has subsequently won various industry awards. A new ensuite bathroom was added and the main bedroom reconfigured and re-orientated.

The front elevation was also comprehensively reimagined with a dramatically different material palette to give a crisp contemporary feel yet retain the bones and scale of the original. A new roof, insulation and complete window replacement allowed the building to improve on its environmental credentials.