Located on Two Sticks Road on the New South Wales and ACT border, due east of Canberra this is one of the most innovative and challenging projects undertaken by TT Architecture in recent years. In combination with a very proactive an architecturally adventurous client the outcome is a very satisfying architectural statement and environmental exemplar.

Throughout the development of the design there was a strong direction from the client to always select options giving the best environmental outcome. As a result of the house can be accurately described as “autonomous” catering for its own power water and waste requirements.

Autonomous Mud Brick House - Tony Trobe in front of sustainable house

The house has no connection to any external power source generating its own electricity through an array of PV plates mounted on the water tank. Incoming water is stored on site and all outgoing effluent is treated in a bio-aquatic tank system for reuse on the site.

The use of mud bricks and recycled materials throughout the design are strong themes throughout the design. The design has also won numerous local and national awards for Sustainability.