This is the design that harks back to the bucolic past, it is unashamedly not modern.  It is quintessentially a beach house with the client’s firm thumbprint evident throughout.  The brief was clear and precise; the house was to be a home, an easy care, low maintenance, inviting and family-friendly place to hang your hat.
The clients themselves took on the role of interior designer and using not inconsiderable past experience realised a bold and vibrant concept in colour and style.

The articulation of the plan form allows private spaces to flow outside from key living areas whilst providing good solar access to intimate protected spaces that in turn allow for a window on the street.

Sarris Beach House - steep pitched barn like roof with colourful gables beach house - timber louvre bifold doors

The builder has taken great pains to deliver a product that pays careful attention to all the important details and as a result of his work, the client/architect synergy the house stands as a beautiful echo of a simpler past.