The main thrust of the design of this remodelling project was to take a tired existing dwelling located in an old Canberra suburb, wave a magic wand, and create ‘Architecture’ whilst correspondingly responding to a fairly detailed brief. 

Rafferty House - old Canberra cottage remodelled completely with additional upper level

The following is an extract from the client’s own brief and it highlights some of the key ideas sought by them from the outset;

  • We really like simple clean modernist designs with plenty of light and good connections between interior spaces and gardens.
  • We like the minimalism of your Hodak/Young house (we also prefer planar forms over curvilinear ones).
  • We enjoy tasteful use of natural materials (e.g. timber, sandstone) and do not like cold, austere, and industrial minimalism.
  • We like frameless corner windows and those that extend to the roof
  • Finally, we love beautiful designs and enjoy them even more when they are functional and highly efficient in energy and material use.

The design reconfigures the existing roof entirely to achieve the modernist ‘planar’ looked sought by the client.  The addition of a bedroom suite at the upper level gives the form a massing and vertical emphasis which departs radically from the low scale horizontal emphasis of the original.