Scandi House- pool

Design borne from Scandinavian heritage 

Located in Ainslie, a vibrant inner suburb of Canberra, the Ainslie Modern Scandi house reflects a unique approach in creating a new urban vernacular for the suburb.

The clients have strong Scandinavian design sensibilities through birth and marriage, and these were reflected clearly in the design references provided and in the resolution of the building typology. The simple barn-like building elements have been dressed in modern clothes and present to the street in a scale-appropriate response to the Ainslie suburban context.

The client’s budget for their expected outcome was reasonably modest, however they were content to trust the TT Architecture and MegaFlora Group (previously Architekt Grüne Hauser) team to create a solution which exceeded their expectations. The clients proved very fertile ground in a collaborative exercise in which innovative design responses could be explored. They were the oil in the machine.

The way the building has inserted itself into the residential context has generated many positive comments and it is hoped that the building will continue to be an exemplar of good design and a reference point for the suburb for many years to come.

The origin of the design philosophy for this site arises directly out of the block geometry. This block has a long North/South rectangular axis and with East and West to the long side it was problematic to achieve good solar orientation. This constraint stimulated the creation of a series of parallel North facing pavilions consequently ensuring good solar gain to all living spaces.

Adopting this planning methodology allowed the elements that make up the building to capture outside spaces and turn them also into what are effectively functional, attractive and inviting outdoor rooms.