This project is located in the well-established suburban area of Campbell in the ACT and characterised by large blocks offering the potential of vistas over both the city and the mountains.

The existing dwelling has had iterative renovation and development work carried out over its lifetime; some substantial. The endeavour in this particular exercise was to retain much of the flavour of the original which is characteristic of the architectural language of Richard Neutra and the early Californian modernists. This style involves a layering of horizontal elements, good inside and outside relationships, understated colour schemes and large areas of glass.

McGlade House - evening light

 These underlying themes have been accepted and developed. They have however been adapted in such a manner to respond to key sustainability principles such as the respect for a long east-west axis for good solar gain and liveability issues that relate to a modern family.

The resultant home represents a subtly nuanced response to the existing architecture and site conditions. It is also a demonstration of an innovatively creative response to construction in the face of significant complexity.