This was an interesting project from the outset given the clients were domiciled in Asia on a government posting. The whole design and building process was carried out via e-mail and Facetime without the parties meeting prior to the client’s occupying the house on their return. The brief was to deliver an affordable, environmental, liveable family house. The clients however were very clear and adventurous about the aesthetic elements of the design. The brief encouraged the innovative use of non-standard materials and colour to give a slightly retro, ‘industrial-chic’ feel.

Industrial House - central courtyard after rain - private open space between two living areas

Given the northern orientation to the front of the block the house has been configured as two pavilions both facing north and forming a private courtyard between and flowing out from the main living areas. The house is constructed with reverse brick veneer, high levels of insulation, good-quality windows and a single ‘thickness’ living space all contributing to an overall high-level of an environment of awareness in design.

Despite the tyranny of distance the house has realised the brief to the satisfaction of Architect, client and a design savvy builder.