The original building owes a lot to the architectural legacy left by Californian Architect, Richard Neutra who was famous for the attention he gave to defining the real needs of his clients, regardless of the size of the project, in contrast to other architects eager to impose their artistic vision on a client. His domestic architecture was a blend of art, landscape, and practical comfort.

The client was very keen that a significant aspect of the design philosophy should respect the character of the original modernist building. 

Hackett Mid-century Modern House - double height glazing to void space

This is characterized by materials at 90 degrees to each other, visual expression of the concept of “Truth to materials“, meaning that the true nature or natural appearance of a material ought to be seen rather than concealed or altered to represent something else and with a visual emphasis on horizontal and vertical lines.

The design of this major extension/alteration attempts to balance these ideas and making the outcome a family friendly house with good relationships to external spaces whilst maximizing solar orientation.