The innovation and excellence in the design relates to the introduction of a completely new aesthetic to the building which has turned a tired old Canberra house into a sparkling new addition to an already interesting Deakin streetscape. This total remodelling has produced a good functional family home almost indistinguishable from a complete knockdown and rebuild. The innovation in construction relates to the large part of interesting and “edgy” materials that have been put together in a well thought out manner. 

Deakin House - new entry with skillion roof over and timber bay window

A significant design determinant was to attempt to design the building to maximise the solar access to the newly created living spaces for the client yet respect the solar access for the neighbour to the South. To a large extent the design is informed by the physical configuration of the roof which generates the dominant architectural expression from the Street. The large skillion roof running right through has the double benefit of dropping northern light into the main living areas whilst retaining an excellent northern aspect for the southern neighbour.