“Modern, contemporary residence of premium quality using materials not normally used in residential construction – steel, glass, metal cladding etc. Understated but brave. Edgy without being pretentious”.

In expressing the Brief requirements the form has been interpreted as a collective of elements massing themselves towards the centre and being expressed as a formal interplay of planes. Not only are the horizontal and vertical set against each other but form strong cantilevers intending to give the sense of solid elements ‘floating’ over lighter ones. This floating aspect is inherent in the cantilevered decks and bay windows and the substantial roof overhangs.

Carey House - roof planes sliding over each other

The clients comments after moving in were “ the design meets our requirements perfectly,… in regard to its function as a family home. It provides the perfect mix of privacy and connection, allowing the children their own space without being disconnected in another room. The flow of the internal spaces and visual connection between the inside and outside spaces is outstanding. We could not recommend you or your team’s work more highly”