This extension in the Canberra suburb of Hall was completed in the late 1990s and still represents one of the more successful renovation/extensions carried out by TT Architecture.

The client Sue Whigham has a graphic design background, a keen sense of form and colour. These skills came to the fore and in writing her family’s brief and in the helping conclude the final selection of finishes and fixtures.

The original house can be seen on the west side of the development. This has been reroofed, reglazed and rendered to tie in with the architectural forms developed for the extension component.

The new building pavilions have been strung out along the east-west axis on the block progressively tilting towards north to achieve greater solar orientation. The resulting building form provides a dramatic and interesting presentation to the street. This is emphasised by the entry bridge arriving between the formal and informal living areas and suspended over a pond.

Project Credits
Design architect: Tony Trobe
Project architect: Tony Trobe
Structural consultant: Ron Rogers, Rogers and Jefferis
Photographer: Tony Trobe

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