This dual occupancy stemmed from the demolition of a standard and uninspiring two-storey 1970s house on a spectacular site at Denham’s Beach on the South Coast of New South Wales.

Top accommodate the views there was an obvious requirement for siting of the main living areas at the rear of a very narrow block. To ensure good solar aspect, make best of the spectacular vistas of the ocean and the resolve the planning requirements the development of long and narrow plan form became paramount.

The inevitability of having only garaging facing the Beach Road promoted the development of the interesting and dramatic architectural forms seen from Beach Road. The layering of gently sloping and thin edged curved steel roofing gives the 2-unit development good street appeal despite the planning difficulties.

The colour scheme for the house is taken directly from the colour of the barks of the surrounding eucalyptus trees and while the two dwellings appear as a thematic whole they have achieved some degree of visual separation.

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Architect: Tony Trobe
Structural Consultant: Ron Rogers, Rogers and Jefferis
Photographer: Mohamed Aradi

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