The exiting Dwelling presents two symmetrical pavilions facing Mugga Way and adopts a formal and geometric stance to the public domain.

The new parts of the house which replace a previously jumbled and eclectic extension strive to follow the theme of the very distinctive existing forms. The orientation of new elements also ensures a direct relationship to the private garden areas and promotes an excellent Northern solar orientation from the casual living spaces.

The break between the new in the old is emphasized by a dramatic and iconic glass floored bridge spanning over a lap pool.

The resultant design produces an eminently livable house whilst retaining the architectural integrity of the original.

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Architect/Draftsman: Tony Trobe
Interior design: KMD Design
Structural Engineer: Ron Rogers
Photographer: studio2point8 & Tony Trobe
Builder: ProStyle Building Group

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