This extension was completed in late 2004 for Adam McKissack and Jackie Rowbotham in the Canberra suburb of Redhill. The brief was to turn a “sow’s ear into a silk purse”.

The existing house was a standard government style brick veneer cottage high set on a broad avenued street. In addition to creating the required additional accommodation Jackie and Adam were keen to end up with a distinctive architectural presentation to Monaro Crescent.

This is has been achieved by concentrating the main elements of design and new work to the front of the house. This emphasis incorporates a strong vertical component, a soft curved roof, and significant areas of steel and glass. The new work also makes best use the available views and optimises solar orientation

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Documentation: Phil Dale
Structural Consultant: Ron Rogers, Rogers and Jefferis
Photographer: Tony Trobe

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