The main thrust of the design of this remodelling project was to take a tired existing dwelling located in an old Canberra suburb, wave a magic wand, and create ‘Architecture’ whilst correspondingly responding to a fairly detailed brief. 
The following is an extract from the client’s own brief and it highlights some of the key ideas sought by them from the outset;

The design reconfigures the existing roof entirely to achieve the modernist ‘planar’ looked sought by the client.  The addition of a bedroom suite at the upper level gives the form a massing and vertical emphasis which departs radically from the low scale horizontal emphasis of the original.

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Documentation: Ralf Detjen
Interior Design: KMD (Karin McNamara)
Structural Consultant: Northrop
Builder: Prostyle Building Group
Photographer: PhotoHub (Ben Wrigley)

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