This project is all about the resolution of the plan in the context of a difficult site. The client expressed a desire to create a residence with timeless themes unpolluted by idioms that often characterise contemporary greenfield development. In this case the design references relate back to the good manners of the Prairie Style, quintessentially epitomised in the past by the work of such architects as Frank Lloyd Wright. This Prairie Style is characterised by low pitched roofs with spreading eaves, the articulation of the various horizontal elements of the building into bands of differing and contrasting materials, the use of timber, simple building forms, the obvious expression the plan elements and close connections of inside spaces to the adjacent ones outside.

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project credits
Completed: 2011
Design Architect: Tony Trobe/Peter Overton
Project Architect/Draftsman: Peter Overton
Interior design: KMD Design
Structural Engineer: Northrop
Photographer: studio2point8
Builder: Plan, Live, Build

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