This renovation extension exercise is located in the well-established suburban area of Deakin in the ACT.

The project fell fairly cleanly into two neat parts. The first part was to establish a new living room ‘pavilion’ thus making much better use of previously underutilised solar orientation potential and promoting a much more intimate relationship from inside and outside. The new pavilion also contains a main bedroom and ensuite; so effectively the addition is a one-bedroom house added on to a large and poorly sited product of the 70s.

The second aspect of the scheme was to reconfigure and modernise existing elements of the house in order to bring them up to date. This did not just involve the interiors which were comprehensively remodelled but entailed an exercise of removing the existing pitched roof and front balcony and to recast the whole look of the house from the street in a more modernist vein.

The house now serves as a well-functioning, sustainable contemporary home and is an exemplary exercise in the adaptive reuse of old building stock.

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Documentation: Melissa Kemp
Interior Design: KMD Interiors
Structural Consultant: Northrop
Builder: Prostyle
Photographer: Tony Trobe

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