This is a relatively large house in an expansive rural setting the form of which is articulated to break down the scale and allow the house to nestle into the contours of the landscape.
The pavilionised notation of the form serves several functions in addition to an aesthetic one; it allows for sensible thermal zoning, provides opportunities for cross ventilation and creates pockets of private and protected outdoor space in an otherwise exposed context.
Given the double brick construction, the extensive steelwork, the significant sign slopes, the high degree of architectural detailing and integration of a significant level of ‘intelligent house’ componentry this home represents a successful resolution of a high degree of building complexity.
The various wings of house cluster around a central core that contains an stimulating two-storey void space. This hub has excellent solar orientation, refined fixtures and finishes and offers great views of panoramic landscape.
The combination of a high degree of thermal mass, double glazed windows, integration of the in-slab hydronic heating are indications of the significant efforts made to bench mark the house I terms of sustainability in design and construction.
The resultant design is a tangible and successful representation of the high degree of synergy between client, builder, architect and interior designer.

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Architect/Draftsman: Erica Rudwick
Interior Design: KMD Design
Structural Engineer: Ron Rogers
Photographer: studio2point8
Builder: Bindabella Homes

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