A long journey by the owners through the slowly rotating cogs of government allowed the plot ratio for this dual occupancy block in Deakin to be altered from 35 to 50%. The extra space generated has been absorbed by a brief permitting the house to expand into a far more comprehensive family home.
This is modest and inventive little extension that has allowed the addition of such prosaic elements as a bedroom and garage at the front to successfully transform the overall aesthetic; the subtle modernist twist has given the street presence a new and fresh presentation.
At the rear the addition of a substantial new dining space has freed up the casual living areas giving greater everyday functionality and promoting the connection of the inside to the outside spaces.

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Architect/Draftsman: Tony Trobe
Interior design: KMD Design
Structural Engineer: Ron Rogers
Photographer: studio2point8 & Tony Trobe
Builder: Prostyle Building Group

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