This house designed and built for Rod and Maureen Moore is slotted in as the last house in the suburb.  It is located on a sloping corner site which takes in views of the rolling hills for which Kiama is famous and distinct glimpses of the ocean. The floor plan is all on one level making it suitable for ‘stay in place’ living over the long term.  The accommodation consists of four bedrooms, two living areas (240m2 of living) and a double garage.
The house is designed as a series of interconnected pavilions which break up the scale of the built form. These arrangements of the pavilions enables human scaled external spaces to be sandwiched in between and be well protected, offering choices for varying seasonal conditions.
The inverted curves of the roofs are a strong visual feature of the house.  They are constructed of Ritek composite steel panels which provide good insulation and spanning characteristics and also facilitate the creation of clean, relatively delicate cantilevered edges to the eave elements as an architectural feature.
The plan strikes a balance between achieving good solar gain and taking advantage of the beautiful views to the west.  The resulting form is polite in scale and definitive of character.

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Architect/Draftsman: Tony Trobe
Interior Design: KMD Interiors
Structural Engineer: Northrop
Photographer: Photohub(Ben Wrigley)
Builder: Furlong Build and Design (Kye Furlong)

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