Some of the northern suburbs of Canberra are located in close proximity to the city centre and have been subject to something of a recent renaissance in regard to urban renewal. The original house subject to this renovation is characterised by poor internal circulation flows, no real relationship from primary living areas to outdoor spaces, no response to the existing view corridors, a ‘hard drab shoulder’ to the street, poor environmental credentials and the general unsuitability to modern family life. These issues were addressed as primary design determinants in the conceptual approach to the remodelling exercise.

In this renovation/extension an additional story was added incorporating a new master bedroom and ensuite walk-in wardrobe arrangement. This was set back from the street to diminish apparent scale.

The house has been completely modernised. The main living areas are characterised by a large volume contained within a simple skillion roof. Light glazing elements are introduced to the underside of the main roof to promote a floating feel to the expansive plane of structure and contribute to the overall street presentation. This ‘floating roof’ involved some structural gymnastics which was organised executed very professionally by the builder.

project credits
Completed: 2001
Design Architect: Tony Trobe/Tony Trobe
Project Documentation: Tony Trobe
Interior Design: KMD (Karin McNamara)
Structural Consultant: Northrop
Builder: Build Professional
Photographer: studio2point8

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