This new home was designed for an empty plot of land facing the foreshore at Malua Bay on the south coast of New South Wales. The main considerations for the design of the dwelling relate to streetscape, views of the ocean and foreshore reserve, the inside/outside relationship, privacy, solar orientation and slope.

Effort was made to ensure that this infill development had an appropriate scale to reflect the existing streetscape and retain some views for neighbours on the adjacent side of the street. The building adopts a single-storey approach with an articulated building form which demonstrates good manners in plugging a ‘long-time’ empty gap in the street. The building is appropriate in form and scale to its context.

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project credits
Completed: 2011
Design Architect: Erica Rudwick/Tony Trobe
Project Architect/Draftsman: Erica Rudwick
Interior design: Melinda Boag
Structural Engineer: Northrop
Photographer: Tony Trobe
Builder: John Veneris

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