The conversation about of how to better configure a somewhat dysfunctional plan for a house owned by a Hughes family commenced in October 2010 and came to fruition during 2012.

As often the case with projects of this nature there is a fine line between deciding to move, renovate or summon the bulldozer. All options were considered by the client and following debate and the exploration of several diverse schematic approaches the current configuration was agreed upon.

The innovation in the project relates to a comprehensive revision of existing spaces; ie adapt rather than just add. The bold but problematic decision to reclaim the garage as a bedroom wing was a key decision. The use of three or four subtle material and detailing choices to invigorate the aesthetics, threading together a previously disparate and tired street elevation allows the building to punctuate the cul-de-sac with a well-mannered and scale appropriate architectural form.

The clients are very happy with the outcome and not only see a design dividend in the exercise but hopefully recognise the value of architectural input in this very personal part of the market. The best measure of success is the comment that “it isn't what we thought we were going to end up with but we like it".

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Architect/Draftsman: Tony Trobe
Interior design: KMD Interiors
Structural Consultant: Northrop
Builder: Huckstep Constructions
Photographer: Tony Trobe

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