The house is located in an unusual saddle-shaped ridge, adjoining both pasture and small stands of bushland, in the heart of the Adelaide Hills. It was conceived as both a retirement home and place of work, with ample space being planned in to accommodate the owners’ adult children who visit on a regular basis.

The micro-climate which affects the site is surprisingly cold for South Australia, and the site receives many frosts and lengthy periods of cold, windy weather through winter. Conversely, the summers can be exceedingly hot and dry. In order to cope with this demanding climate, while keeping as small an emissions profile as possible, the house makes use of a range of active and passive solar technologies. A classic passive solar approach is taken with the basic design of the building envelope which makes extensive use of insulated rammed earth walls and concrete floors to increase the thermal inertia of the building, and planning which aligns the house along an east/west axis with the long façade facing due north.

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project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe / Peter Overton
Project Architect/Draftsman: Peter Overton
Interior design: Christine Rogers
Structural Engineer: Northrop
Photographer: Lindin Stacey / Peter Hore
Builder: GM Developments
Landscape Architect: Oxigen Landscapes
Rammed Earth: Stabalised Earth Adelaide

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