A small cottage near Dickson Shops was demolished to make way for a pair of 2 storey dwellings.

While essentially a commercial venture, our client placed particular emphasis on sustainability.To this end, a 20KL underground tank serves both dwellings  and we have incorporated solar hot water panels, hydronic heating throughout, evaporative coolers and a banks of PV panels to counter the ever increasing electricity bills.

While the “eco-friendly” approach affectively informs the architectural language adopted for this development, we have not allowed the external services to visually dominate or appearing as an “after-thought”. The roof forms in particular have been carefully designed to effectively screen the unsightly coolers and PV panels from the street view.

The overall “eco-friendly” appearance of the 2 dwellings has been further emphasized by for example staining the eco-ply and the exclusive use of wide eaved skillion roof to achieve a “semi-rustic” aesthetic without looking out of place in what is essentially an “Inner-North” suburb.

project credits
Design Architect: David Simon
Project Architect: David Simon
Structural Constultant: Northrop Engineers
Photographer: studio2point8
Builder: Hall Building

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