Although it is hard to differentiate the original building this design is in reality an extension. Carol and David Briggs commissioned TT Architecture to extend a much smaller brick veneer tiled roof house on the site of their existing equestrian facilities.

The new part of the building accommodates a tower link which houses a study at the upper level and acts as a vertical break between the 2 storey living/main bedroom spaces and the existing house.

The house has been developed along an east-west access to promote good solar gain to all rooms. This orientation also takes in the excellent views over the local rolling countryside.

The main bedroom sits under the east end of the new curved roof and forms a mezzanine level relating visually to the living area below. The re-roofing of the existing dwelling has allowed a thematic link through the device of matching the steel curved roofed elements of the new parts of the building.

High-performance glazing, significant thermal mass, large northern windows, excellent orientation and summer shading combine to make this a thoroughly energy-efficient and award winning house

project credits
Project Architect: Roy Parsons
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Structural Consultant: Ron Rogers, Rogers and Jefferis
Photographer: Mohamed Aradi

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