The key design determinants are the views and solar access. These constraints have largely dictated the plan form and massing on a limited site. A key driver articulated early by the client was to ‘maximise’ the viewing potential from the block to the Lake Burley Griffin. The convention of having the primary living areas at the lower-level has been inverted to allow strong visual connections to the lake.

The architect and progenitor of the First Edition development intended that it be a licence to individualism which in its collective manifestation should make a strong architectural contribution to the urban fabric of the Foreshore. The overall intent of this experiment in urban design is that it be themed, but not dictated to, by a carefully considered Development Control Plan which gives strong clues about scale, massing, and articulation. The hopes for the area are that designs from a variety of architects, whilst having no common architectural DNA, will come together to produce a rich diversity. 70 Dawes Street more than holds up it end of this deal and as key urban citizen strongly contributes to the intentionally eclectic ethos of the street and provides an eminently liveable and sustainable home. The result is clean and interpretation of the design intent, the builder’s commitment to a system of client engagement and the construction team who put a complex and beautiful structure together.

project credits
Design Architect: Tony Trobe
Project Documentation: Tony Trobe
Structural Consultant: Northrop
Builder: Beter Building

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