TT Architecture has been involved in residential design for a quarter of a century and has come across many clients who love where they live, would like to stay in that area and preferably on their own block. They have often considered the notion of some development work on their land with a view to realising some of the capital they have in it and to potentially achieve a new, custom designed house for themselves.

These house owners have no real desire to move to an apartment block or a unit as they would like to retain at least a small garden. They would prefer to age in place with the majority of their living areas being on the ground floor.

This client initiated development achieves these aims and is situated in a quiet cul-de-sac in Aranda in here in the North suburb of Canberra, constitutes three units. Two of these separate dwellings were sold with a view to funding a new dwelling for the client to suit a contemporary lifestyle and ageing in place agenda in a downsized footprint.

project credits
Design Architect: David Simon
Project Documentation: David Simon
Interior Design: Deb Cook
Structural Consultant: Northrop
Builder: Architekt Grune Hauser
Photographer: Tony Trobe

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